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本文摘要:Computers are no longer just something we use every day but an integral part of our daily lives. Unfortunately, their omnipresence in our society doesnt mean everyone has a full understanding of them. Many people have misconceptions about


Computers are no longer just something we use every day but an integral part of our daily lives. Unfortunately, their omnipresence in our society doesnt mean everyone has a full understanding of them. Many people have misconceptions about their computers and how to protect themselves from those who would target their systems maliciously.如今,电脑仍然意味着是我们每天用于的工具,而是日常生活中不可或缺的一部分。意外的是,虽然它随处可见但并不意味著每个人都十分理解。许多人对电脑和如何维护电脑系统不不受蓄意反击有误会。

10.Password Length And Complexity10.密码长度和复杂性One of the most enduring nuggets of computer-related wisdom is to make your password as long, complex, and cryptic as humanly possible. As a result, incredibly easy-to-guess passwords like password are becoming a thing of the past. However, that doesnt mean that people have learned their lesson. Some people make passwords so long that they have trouble remembering them, so they write them down somewhere. This makes it very easy for someone else to find their way in. Many people also choose passwords related to something they like, which makes it easy for someone who knows them to guess.对电脑展开维护时,最常用的方法之一是设置又宽又简单,且谜样的密码。因此,像password这样很更容易知道的密码已沦为过去。


这使得别人很更容易寻找密码的所在之处。许多人自由选择将密码另设为他们讨厌的东西,所以很更容易被了解的人知道。While your password shouldnt be easily guessed, it doesnt really need to be that complex. Whats more important is not reusing it across different sites. With so many different sites to log into and passwords to remember, many people have chosen to use the same password everywhere. The problem is that if a hacker manages to break into a site and snatch their database, they can now use your password across multiple sites. The best thing you can do to keep your passwords in your head, something mildly complex but easy to remember, and vary them over multiple sites.然而,你的密码会那么更容易被知道,所以不必须过于简单。


9.The Blue Screen Of Death9.蓝屏死机Many people assume when they have a blue screen of death that either their computer is about to die forever or that they have a virus. But while blue screens used to be a sign of much more serious trouble, they are rarely fatal errors anymore and rarely have anything to do with a virus. A blue screen nearly always occurs because a new program or a driver update caused a problem, and the computer responded by shutting itself down to prevent damage.许多人指出当电脑蓝屏死机时,电脑是不会总有一天死机,或者因为电脑有病毒。在以前,蓝屏是有相当严重问题的迹象,但不是可怕的错误或病毒所导致的。

蓝屏往往是因为新的程序或新的驱动的升级导致的问题,是电脑自动重开防止损毁。More recent versions of Windows deal with blue screen errors much better than in the past, so it isnt usually much of a problem to worry about anymore. Of course, it can still occasionally be a serious hardware problem, but it wont be because you have a virus. The best thing to do is plug the error message into Google and go from there.将近几代Windows系统比起前几代更加好地解决了蓝屏错误,所以它仍然是一个有一点担忧的问题。

当然,它也有可能是经常出现了硬件问题,但会因为有病毒而蓝屏。所以最差的办法是在谷歌中搜寻这个错误信息,再行寻找解决办法。8.Random Access Memory8.随机存取存储器RAM, or Random Access Memory, is often just referred to as memory. For this reason, many people think that when they are running low on space, they need more RAM. However, the long-term storage device is the hard drive, which can be confusing, because it doesnt have the word memory in its name.随机存取存储器(RAM: Random Access Memory)一般来说被何谓作为内存。

因此,当电脑运营空间严重不足时,许多人指出必须更加多内存。但是,长年存储器是硬件,不会让人误解是因为名字中没内存的意思。Memory in a computer works similarly to memory in the human brain. The human brain has long-term storage, where we keep memories, and a working memory where you can keep a running conversation and do arithmetic in your head. While we are performing these tasks with our working memory, we also have the ability to retrieve memories from deep storage.电脑内存和人脑记忆工作很相近。人脑有长年存储,使我们维持工作记忆,你可以在展开对话时调动记忆,在大脑内计算出来。

当我们用工作记忆处置这些任务,同时也能搜寻内敛记忆。A computer runs in much the same way. The hard drive contains the computers long-term memories—videos, pictures, and other files. The RAM is your working memory and performs immediate tasks, such as running Facebook, playing Candy Crush, and loading email while chatting on Skype. If your computer starts to perform slowly when you are trying to do all of these tasks, you probably need more RAM. If you find you dont have enough room for all of your files, you need a bigger hard drive.电脑是用某种程度的方法运营。硬盘驱动包括电脑的长年储存--视频,电脑和其他文件。




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